Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Expert Consultants

The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), formerly code-named "Indigo", is part of the .NET Framework 3.0 (formerly code-named "WinFX") and is Microsoft's unified development platform and runtime for secure, reliable, transactional, and interoperable connected applications.  PPC Professional Services broadly adopted the 3.0 framework early in its lifecycle and has been assisting organizations with its adoption ever since.

Based on service-oriented principles, and implementing a broad range of standards that Microsoft has developed with partners across the industry over the past several years, the Windows Communication Foundation is broadly interoperable with a great variety of platforms and Web services runtime environments from Microsoft and other vendors.

To protect your existing investments in previous distributed systems technologies from Microsoft, WCF provides rich client-side and server-side integration for COM, COM+, Enterprise Services, and MSMQ, wire-interoperability with ASP.NET Web Services (ASMX) and the Web Service Enhancements 3.0 as well as straightforward code-upgrade paths for existing managed code written on ASMX or Enterprise Services.

WCF provides a simple, familiar programming model for developers who are using ASMX, Enterprise Services, or Remoting today and further simplifies development of connected applications by unifiying these programming models into a single, common programming experience.

Engage our .NET Architects to Learn:
• designing services using contracts
• hosting of WCF services
• securing a WCF service (authenticate callers; restrict access based on roles)
• handling transactions across service boundaries
• monitoring and diagnosing WCF services at runtime
• exposing a workflow as a WCF service
• building WCF services that create RSS and Atom feeds.
• adding reliability to WCF services

Please feel free to contact our WCF Consultants for an entirely free consultation.

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