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Visual Studio Team System 2010 Team Foundation Server is an integrated collaboration server for Developer Teams working with Microsoft platforms, especially .NET Applications. PPC Professional Services provides full support for installation, automation and customization of Team Foundation Server for small, medium and large development teams.

Agile and mature development organizations require a collaborative environment that combines project metrics, version control, bug and task tracking, build and release management, and Software Development Process control. PPC Professional Services’s TFS consultants are trained to assist your team adapt their current practices to this enterprise-level platform and to adopt the professional software development practices it incorporates.

We understand the many factors that must be considered in order to effectively implement Team System.  These include team roles in the development process (architect, developer, tester, project manager, etc.), development methodologies/frameworks ( MSF, CMMI, Agile , Scrum, Feature-Driven, etc. ) and software development/IT governance.

Furthermore, our Team Foundation Server experts are committed to Software Quality and TFS is the facilitating technology that can change the way your team works and delivers on the assets in your software product portfolio. Quality is not just a word in an old developer’s maxim about quality vs. schedule vs. cost. Quality is an essential aspect of your developed applications and has an inescapable impact on the success of your business.

Secure, manageable, connected applications with rich user interfaces and smart client capabilities are the solutions of tomorrow that you need to build today. As a leading custom software development firm, we promote efficiency by helping your architects and developers use Visual Studio to rapidly create more secure, manageable, and reliable applications. TFS provides the comprehensive and extensible foundation that can enable your development teams to capture, analyze and report on the diverse information they need to manage their process. We can show you how to use this information to lead your team to achieve the breakthrough user experiences that your business is demanding today.

Our Team Foundation Server consultants have helped many businesses who have been hampered in their development efforts by the all-too-common problems of missed deadlines, high defects, cost overruns, unhappy users, feature cuts and even failed projects. Our TFS expertise can help your organization achieve the success you have been looking for by guiding you and your team through the sometimes difficult process of adopting new tools and the unfamiliar processes needed to utilize them to the full. The benefits will be measurable increases in the predictability, repeatability, and quality of your software projects. And the satisfaction and confidence your managers and customers find in your applications will grow.

A Quality Software Process includes risk management, task and defect tracking, rigorous testing and sometimes automated build capabilities. In addition, releases and iterations must be carefully orchestrated against the needs of users for additional features, defect resolution, and compatibility with other platforms. PPC Professional Services has the proven experience you need to make the right decisions as you integrate these mature capabilities into the way your team works today.

Our TFS Consultants can provide these services:

  • Install and Configure all TFS tiers for optimum cost-benefit
  • Deploy and Integrate TFS Build Servers to implement Automated Testing and Continuous Integration
  • Expand your development domain using TFS Server Proxy.
  • Expose vital development process statistics and progress data points using SharePoint and MS Office Applications
  • Secure access to critical development assets and enable flexible use to Matrix team structures
  • Improve inter-disciplinary coordination using Work Items and workflows to control your process
  • Achieve collaboration among teams, managers, and remote developers using Project Portals
  • Ease feature management by implementing Guidance Templates for CMMI, Agile or SCRUM methodologies
  • Integrate your TFS Infrastructure using advanced SQL Server, Active Directory and Clustering expertise
  • Develop specific reports, check-in policies, build scripts and code analysis procedures
  • Migrate existing code assets and work item history from third-party source control systems

Please contact our Team Foundation Server experts today for a free assessment of your needs.

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