SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) ETL Consulting

PPC SQL Server Consultants use SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), formerly Data Transformation Services (DTS) for a variety of tasks such as Data Warehouse or Data Mart Population, Data Cleaning and Standardization, Data Copy, Data Transformation, Merging data from multiple sources, Data Validation using multiple data sources, Automating administrative Tasks e.g. (backing up databases, restoring databases, copying data from production to development, database maintenance jobs), and Extract, Transform & Load (ETL).  These include:
  • Data Warehouse:  We use SSIS to import data into data warehouses.  This includes incremental imports of fact and dimension tables.
  • Data Transfer:  We use SSIS to transfer data from one SQL Server to another.
  • Data Import:  SSIS is used to data from legacy systems into SQL Server.  This includes text files or older database formats.
  • Rollback: Design incremental jobs using transactions and timestamps to facilitate roll backs and minimize execution time when working with large data sources.
  • Data Quality Validation
  • Transform Data (summary, aggregation, filtering, splitting from one source to multiple destinations)
  • Extract: Extract data from a variety of Sources (SharePoint, CRM, Web Services, Flat Files, Oracle, SQL, DB2, Excel, Access, etc.)
  • Error Handling and Notification
  • Integrated Third Party Plug-ins: to aid in extracting data from data sources with no standards
Have DTS Packages and Migrating to SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server?

PPC's ETL consultants use SQL Server Integration Services which provides several options for preserving solutions created by using the SQL Server 2000 Data Transformation Services (DTS) tools and object model. You can migrate DTS packages to the Integration Services format, continue to run DTS packages by using the DTS runtime, or incorporate DTS packages into Integration Services solutions by using the Execute DTS 2000 Package task.  Our SQL Server SSIS Consultants can guide you through this migration process.

Our SSIS consultants perform this work for companies in California and around the world.
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