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PPC Professional Services is a Microsoft Gold Partner with a premiere SQL Server consulting practice.  The Microsoft Certified Consultants in our firm can help you to optimize and tune SQL Server maximize uptime in your business.  SQL Server 2005 and 2008 provide a full range of options to minimize downtime and maintain appropriate levels of application availability.

Database mirroring, introduced in SQL Server 2005, transfers transaction log records directly from one server to another and can quickly fail over to the standby server. You can code client applications to automatically redirect their connection information, and in the event of a failover, automatically connect to the standby server and database. Fast failover with minimal data loss has traditionally involved higher hardware cost and greater software complexity. Database mirroring, however, can fail over quickly with no loss of committed data, does not require proprietary hardware, and is easy to set up and manage.

In database mirroring, an originating SQL Server instance continuously sends a database's transaction log records to a copy of the database on another standby SQL Server instance. The originating database and server have the role of principal, and the receiving database and server have the role of mirror. The principal and mirror servers must be separate instances of SQL Server.

PPC's SQL Server consultants can implement database mirroring for your business as well as suggest other high availability solutions.  Please contact our SQL Server Consulting Team today for a free demonstration.
  • Increased Availability
    Minimize downtime and speed recovery, and achieve the appropriate level of availability defined by service level agreements.
  • Decreased Downtime
    Recover quickly from unplanned downtime, and minimize downtime from system maintenance and operational procedures that are necessary for smooth operation of mission-critical applications.
  • Improved Manageability
    Investigate, monitor, and recover damaged data across your enterprise, using powerful, intelligent, management tools that simplify recovery.
  • Backing up SQL Server with DPM 2010
    Now you can back up your SQL Server with Data Protection Manager 2010. See DPM 2010 New Features.
New SQL Server Features
  • Recover corrupt data pages from a mirror server with enhanced database mirroring features. Watch the short demo.
  • Take advantage of failover clustering enhancements in Windows Server 2008.
  • Add new nodes to a peer-to-peer replication solution without taking replication offline.
  • Improve restore times, and reduce backup volumes with new support for backup compression.
  • Improve concurrency with locking enhancements.
  • Reduce downtime for hardware maintenance with hot-add CPU capabilities.
  • Use Resource Governor to proactively control workload prioritization.
Database Mirroring Wizard
Configuring Mirroring
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