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SEO services from an IT firm?   I strongly suspect you found us via Google's organic results as a result of our internal search engine optimization services.  Search for us on Google with terms like ".NET Consultants", "network security consultants", "SQL consultants", and many many others.   A combination of quality content, on-page optimization techniques, site organization, social media, and off-site optimization produce the results that brought you here.

Our search engine optimiation service include keyword research and analysis, web site usability analysis, SEO copywriting, and link building campaigns to maximize measurable results for our clients.

Our customers engage us to attain a higher ranking in a search engine's algorithmic or "natural" results. Since search engine algorithms are not publicized and changed regularly, the results cannot be predicted with a high degree of certainty. However, our Search Engine Optimization Services often produce the largest total increases in both traffic and visibility because it is not subject to the ever-changing marketing campaigns of a vast array of competitors and other industry participants.

Unlike PPC advertising, SEO can take months to achieve results. However, top rankings can drive traffic and conversions for months, even years.

We have found that in organic search, when we have optimized most pages of a site, the number of keywords and phrases on those pages often results in the site being found via a large universe of keywords. When a website is optimized for search engines and every page is indexed by Google, Overture, and the other major search engines, each page becomes a virtual lotto ticket. In addition to achieving rankings on keywords that we intentionally targeted, we may later discover that some pages are rich with keywords that we hadn’t really though of, which will magnify our benefits.

A few of the SEO techniques PPC uses:
  • Optimization of page content: intelligent use of page naming, header (<h1><h2><h3>) and title tags, and page content rich in the targeted keywords
  • Use of multiple domain names containing the targeted keywords to arrive at appropriate landing pages within the site
  • Having a site map that links to the landing pages using the keyword/phrase associated with each page.
  • Use of static pages with consistent URLs rather than those generated from the database with varying URL
  • Intelligent page cross linking
  • Blogging
  • Leverage of social media sites
  • Acquisition of backlinks (other high-pagerank sites that link back to your site).
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