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As a leading provider of 24x7x365 outsourced remote help desk and on-site services, PPC has the knowledge and experience to successfully manage your workplace IT requests and incidents. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with deep expertise on the Microsoft product suites, and unlike niche providers, we are a single contact for issues related to networks, servers, desktops and mobile devices. Our outsourced help desk – staffed by trained and proficient US-based technicians – resolves problems quickly so your employees stay productive.
Comprehensive Management
As your partner, PPC supports your efforts to create a productive, streamlined, reliable and cost-efficient computing environment. To accomplish this, we provide four general categories of support services:
  • Self-Help Services: Allow users to report and resolve many incidents on their own with tools they access from their desk.
  • Remote Help Desk: Gives users phone and online access to US-based live technicians with the training and skills to handle their requests and resolve incidents quickly.
  • Remote Assist: Allows specially trained Help Desk technicians to remotely access end-user systems to evaluate and resolve incidents.
  • Site Support: Provides on-site personnel who can address infrastructure, hardware and software needs.
Self-Help Services
PPC technician-assisted support services are augmented by robust self-service tools, delivered via a Web portal that is available to users 24/7. These Self-Help capabilities empower end users to resolve an incident on their own or request help by submitting an online form. Components of this service category include:
  • Web Request: Lets users create a request, report an incident and review the status of submitted requests using the user portal or over the telephone.
  • Knowledge Base Access: Lets users search for solutions within a knowledge base anytime, anywhere. This capability provides a globally consistent knowledge store for self-resolution of incidents.
How our Outsourced Remote Help Desk Works
PPC's Remote Help Desk provides your organization with a single point of contact for all end-user IT issues. You will receive consistent guidance and advice in addition to dependable restoration of regular services. Users can access the Help Desk by phone, e-mail or the web.
Our live support technicians provide Microsoft application technical support. Our support covers assistance with the with the features, functions and usage of Microsoft software applications.
The PPC outsourced Help Desk follows a simple workflow process that delivers fast and efficient incident resolution, keeping all users at maximum productivity.

Remote Support Help Desk Consultants

Remote Assist
For incidents that cannot be resolved by self-help or a help desk assisted contact, our standard Remote Assist (RA) capability reduces both the time to resolve a request and the frequency of site support dispatches.
Typically, in response to a request for assistance using our RA service, a specially trained US-based Help Desk technician gains end-user permission to take virtual control of the user’s desktop. This allows the technician to perform a hands-on investigation and resolution.
This service includes capabilities such as configuration changes, file updates, driver updates and software reinstallation.
RA services are stringently managed according to PPC Security best practices and standards. During the session, the user can observe exactly what the Help Desk technician is doing and can terminate the session at any time.
On-Site Services
Incidents that cannot be resolved remotely by the technicians staffing a contact center often require assistance at the user's site. While the goal is to ensure this happens as seldom as possible, PPC Site Support provides on-site assistance when it is necessary to address these infrequent events.
The following types of services are delivered through on-site support:
  • Hardware Support: Consists of technical diagnosis and repair of defective equipment, either at your location or at an authorized service facility.
  • Software Support: Provides resolution for Microsoft software residing on authorized devices. This service covers the diagnosis and resolution of software problems that cannot be resolved remotely by the Help Desk
  • Install, Move, Add and Change (IMAC): Covers installing, moving, adding and changing desktop and laptop whole systems, parts and peripherals. Help Desk technicians and on-site technicians form a working team to schedule, complete and document IMAC requests. When possible, IMAC requests are completed remotely using automation to save time and expense
Quality Control and Reporting
Our solution incorporates tools that increase efficiencies and allow us to chart the quality of service that your end users receive including:
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and/or Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) routes calls to an technician group with the appropriate skill to expedite resolution.
  • Request tracking systems globally monitor and track all requests for performance evaluation. Can be customized to meet your unique reporting requirements.
  • Quality management tools enable ongoing quality improvement as a result of trailing online user satisfaction surveys and supervisor-operated technician call-monitoring tools.
  • Reporting options provide relevant data from daily operations to show performance metrics.
Ensuring A Smooth Transition
Your transition to an PPC Help Desk solution begins with a thorough review of your current sites and their support processes. We then develop detailed transition plans, which include timelines and project management for all activities and milestones. These plans ensure structure and management so that your users receive the support they need without interruption during the transformation process.

Please contact our Outsourced Remote Help Desk team for a free assessment of your requirements.

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