Remote Network Monitoring: 24x7 Proactive Support

Remote Network Monitoring PPC's Remote Network Monitoring service will take care of your network so you can take care of your business.  We employ powerful remote network monitoring tools to provide 24x7 proactive support for your business.

Our preventative maintenance services, active issue troubleshooting, and remote resolution will save your businesses from critical downtime, not to mention the cost avoidance of an IT office visit.  At the first sign of trouble within your business infrastructure our staff is immediately notified and begins to respond. 

We are notified not only of system failures, but issues well before they occur.  For example, we can see CPU or memory utilization out of spec, long running or blocked SQL transactions, disk space running low, unusual event log activity, network saturation, and much more.  Our monitoring covers Windows and Linux OS health, SQL Server, Exchange Server, your data backups, and much more.

Synthetic Transaction and Response Time Monitoring
Our monitoring system provides e-mail and Web response-time monitoring. Every five minutes, e-mail servers receive a test e-mail to check whether e-mail transport is working correctly. Similarly, the Web monitoring application also does a synthetic check of Web applications.

Monitoring and Trend Reporting
Our monitoring system includes monitoring for availability, performance, and capacity with an advanced escalation and an alerting system. Secondly, our monitoring system stores the gathered data to generate trend analysis reports, analytical reports and summary reports. The system works on a remote monitoring architecture and supports a variety of common protocols including SNMP, WMI, Event Log Monitoring, SSH/Telnet, PerfMon and others.

Servers/Device Monitoring
Servers and the server operating system are monitored for various parameters such as CPU, memory, disk, event-log information, critical processes, services and response time. Directly out of the box, our system features include monitoring parameters for Windows, Linux, IP devices and SNMP-enabled devices such as routers, switches and firewalls.

Application Monitoring
Our monitoring system contains pre-compiled parameters to monitor well-known applications such as Exchange, SQL Server, Terminal Server, Oracle, Citrix, Anti-Virus, Blackberry and a host of other applications. The ability to monitor the entire application stack as well as the server facilitates easy planning and problem detection.

With our proactive approach, we can maximize your business up-time.  Being proactive is the key word in protecting our customers' business.  Feel free to contact us for a free demonstration of our remote network monitoring capabilities.
PPC Managed Services Default Windows Monitoring Policies

Application Monitoring

BlackBerry MDS Connection Service
Adaptec I/O Manager Server
Adaptec RAID Event Logging Service
Adaptec RAID Remote Services Agent
Adaptec Storage Manager Notifier
APC PBE Server
Automatic Updates
AVG E-mail Scanner
AVG7 Alert Manager Server
AVG7 Remote Support Service (AvgAgent)
AVG7 TCP Server
AVG7 Update Service
Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Backup Exec 8.x Alert Server
Backup Exec 8.x Notification Server
Backup Exec Agent Browser
Backup Exec Device & Media Service
Backup Exec Job Engine
Backup Exec Naming Service
Backup Exec Oracle Agent
Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows
Backup Exec Server
BackupAssist Monitor
BlackBerry Alert
BlackBerry Attachment Service
BlackBerry Controller
BlackBerry Database Consistency Service
BlackBerry Dispatcher
BlackBerry Mobile Data Service
BlackBerry Policy Service
BlackBerry Router
BlackBerry Synchronization Service
CA BrightStor Backup Agent RPC Server
CIO Array Management Service 4.01
CIO Event Notifier
Citrix Licensing Service
MetaFrame COM Server
Independent Management Architecture
Client Network
Citrix XML Service
Encryption Service
Citrix SMA Service
Citrix Virtual Memory Optimization
Citrix WMI Service
Citrix XTE Server

Dell OpenManage Server Agent
Event Log
FTP Publishing Service
HighPoint RAID Management Service
HP Insight Diagnostics
HP Insight Event Notifier
HP Insight Event Notifier
HP Insight Foundation Agent
HP ProCurve Datastore
HP ProLiant Remote Monitor Service
HP ProLiant System Shutdown Service
HP Version Control Repository Manager
IIS Admin Service
Intel(R) Matrix Storage Event Monitor
Liebert MultiLink
Logical Disk Manager
McAfee Alert Manager
McAfee Framework Service
McAfee GroupShield
McAfee Log Service
McAfee Managed Services Agent
McAfee Outbreak Manager
Message Queuing
Microsoft Active Directory Connector
Microsoft Connector for POP3 Mailboxes
Microsoft Exchange Directory
Microsoft Exchange IMAP4
Microsoft Exchange Information Store
Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail Service
Microsoft Exchange Management
Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine
Microsoft Exchange Site Replication Service
Microsoft Exchange System Attendant
Network Associates McShield
Network Associates Task Manager
Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)
Norton AntiVirus Server
OfficeScan Master Service
OfficeScanNT Listener
OfficeScanNT Personal Firewall
OfficeScanNT RealTime Scan
Persistent Storage Manager Service
PowerAlert Server
PowerAlert UPS Engine
PowerChute Network Shutdown
Print Spooler
Promise Array Message Agent
RAID Storage Manager Agent
Remote Access Server
Remote Registry
Serv-U FTP Server
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
Sophos Agent
Sophos Anti-Virus
Sophos Anti-Virus status reporter
Sophos AutoUpdate Agent
Symantec AntiVirus
Symantec AntiVirus Client
Symantec Central Quarantine
Symantec Event Manager
Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft
Symantec Mail Security for SMTP
Symantec Password Validation
Symantec Quarantine Agent
Symantec Settings Manager
Task Scheduler
Terminal Services
Uni RPC Service
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)
World Wide Web Publishing Service
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
Microsoft Exchange POP3
SQL Server Performance

User Connections
% Log Used

Log File Size
Log File Used Size
Data File Size
Transactions / sec
SMTP Server

Categorizer Queue Length

Local Queue Length Remote Queue Length
MS Exchange

Send Queue Size (Public)
Send Queue Size

Average Time for Delivery (Public) Work Queue Length (MTA)
Windows Performance

% Processor Time
Processor Queue Length
% Disk Time

Avg Disk Queue Length
Available MB of Memory
Memory Pages /sec
Paging File % Usage

SNMP Monitoring

POSIX Monitoring  

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