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PPC Professional Services has assisted many clients in the use of online Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is the practice of achieving website visibility on the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The two most successful techniques we use for enhancing your online image are: pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO)

Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising
PPC advertising is a search marketing tactic that uses text ads placed above, to the right of, or below organic search results in an area often labeled "Sponsored Listings". Your ad position is determined by an auction—and sometimes the click-through rate—giving the highest bidder's ad the highest position. The two major search engines, Overture and Google, sell advertising on their own websites and also resell their advertising through affiliate sites. You only pay for visitors who actually click through to your site. Search engine advertising is more complicated than it seems with numerous factors at play. PPC Professional Services has expertise in each of the PPC factors below:

Keyword Selection
Our PPC consultants first key to success in a PPC campaign is using the appropriate search keywords. As an experience Search Engine Marketing firm, we have experience in choosing keywords that will direct targeted traffic to your site. If you choose keywords that are very common but do not target specifically to your business, you are going to have a large portion of your advertising budget consumed by traffic with a low sales conversion rate. Most successful campaigns manage a collection of a few thousand keywords for the numerous words and phrases people will use to search for your product. We can generate the permutations and combinations of words and phrases applicable to the products and services you offer.

Ad Copy
The second key to success in a PPC campaign is developing effective advertising copy. In general, you are limited to a very small number of characters per line. Any advertising copy we create will tailor the advertising text to precisely what the individual is searching for at that moment, similar to the personalized futuristic ads in the movie “Minority Report”.

Bid Strategy
The third key to success is bidding strategy. Do you want to outbid your competitors or maximize ROI? Our approach is based on numbers rather than emotions, and measured results over hype.
A university study earlier in 2005 indicated that on average, 40% of searchers click the first position in a search result. Position two generally received about 16% of the clicks. Position three received about 10% and positions four, five and six all received around 5% of click throughs. Our goal is generally to choose the optimum position to maximize click through volume as economically as possible. If positions 1,2,3,4 are costing $5.51, $5.50, $4.00, $1.40, we may very want to bid $5.52 to reach the top position. However, bid gaps develop, and if the bidder of the third position increases their maximum bid to $6.00, we may want to lower our bid to $1.41 to achieve position 3. We say “may want” since the other variables that factor in this decision are your conversion rate from this specific keyword and the value you place on each conversion. Bid optimization is ongoing, and requires specialized tools if you have anything beyond a small collection of keywords.

PPC Professional Services PPC Consultants empluy sophisticated keyword ad generation, bid monitoring, and tracking tools to optimize bidding strategy and capture metrics to continuously improve its strategy.

Other Techniques
There many other techniques that improve your conversion rates so that you get the maximum return on your advertising dollars. Briefly, those are:
  • Geographic Tailoring: Showing different ad copy in different states or none at all in other states.
  • Keywords Misspellings: e.g. Insruance
  • Landing Page Creation: creating landing pages exclusively for PPC campaigns (these pages can be optimized to increase the conversion rate, tested against each other, and compared to determine which versions work best). Since those browsing and searching have an overabundance of information presented to them, their attention span can be very short. You have only seconds to capture their interests before they decide to click elsewhere. Targeted landing pages are an effective way to increase your conversion rates.
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