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Allow PPC Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Professionals to safely keep your Virtual Machines Operating Systems and Applications up-to-date and protect them from external threats such as viruses, trojans and hackers. Our Offline VM Servicing Consultants have worked with virtual environments for years and have also acquired deep expertise on effectively servicing Virtual Machines.

Offline VM Servicing Experts

The increasing use of virtual machines—for purposes ranging from support of older operating system environments to power savings—has created new challenges for IT. In particular, virtual machines may be left offline (stored in a non-operating state) for extended periods of time, which conserves resources when the server capacities of the virtual machines are not needed or frees up physical computing resources for other purposes. 

However, offline machines do not automatically receive operating system, antivirus, or application updates that would keep them compliant with current IT policy. An out-of-date virtual machine may pose a risk to the IT environment. If deployed and started, the out-of-date virtual machine might be vulnerable to attack or could be capable of attacking other network resources. 

Therefore, IT groups must take measures to ensure that offline virtual machines remain up-to-date and compliant. At present, these measures involve temporarily bringing the virtual machine online, applying the necessary updates, and then storing it again. 

Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Consulting

In the future, image updating solutions may be able to update virtual machines while they remain offline. Until such solutions become available, the Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool, a Solution Accelerator from Microsoft, provides a way to automate the process of updating virtual machines. 


  • Admin user interface for selecting Virtual Machines to patch
  • Automatically services dormant Virtual Machines 
  • Automates common patching tasks (by using Power shell cmdlets) such as moving, starting, shutting down Virtual Machines and apply patch
  • Requesting update client for an updated policy
    •  Using SDK for Configuration Manager
    •  Using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) for Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)
  • Status reporting
  • Support for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows Server 2003 Virtual Machines
  • Support for Virtual Server and Hyper-V
You can use Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool to help you with business scenarios such as these:
  • Your IT organization is converting physical servers to virtual machines to reduce costs, including administrative overhead. How can you regularly update offline virtual machines while minimizing administrative costs?
  • Your IT organization has thousands of virtual machines stored for months at a time in a number of libraries. How do you keep the virtual machines reliably up to date?


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Offline VM Servicing Professionals

About PPC Professional Services

Our Microsoft Virtualization Professionals are part of a Microsoft Gold Certified Firm with verifiable real world experience on Hyper-V R2.  PPC Professional Services not only runs it own datacenter on Hyper-V R2, but has successfully deployed Microsoft Hyper-V for our early-adopter clients.  We are also one of the first Gold Certified Partners to be awarded a Virtualization Competency from Microsoft. Our Offline VM Servicing Consultants have gained extensive experience after having managed numerous virtualization environments and tools such as Virtual Machine Manager and Hyper-V Server. Call us at 866-844-5055 so our Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Experts can give you a free demo.

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