Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Consulting Firm

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Consulting

PPC is a leading Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Firm with a seasoned team of Microsoft Certified SharePoint Consultants who provide SharePoint support and consulting services to numerous clients nationwide. We strive to provide world-class IT services to our customers by only hiring Microsoft Certified Professionals with years of experience in deploying, managing and supporting  MS SharePoint Solutions.  Our Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status allows our SharePoint Consultants access to exclusive and specialized training, information and support.

SharePoint Deployment Planning Services - Free

We are a certified SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SPDS) firm and Microsoft Partner.  You can use our services for your Migration to SharePoint 2010 funded by Microsoft.  Our SharePoint Consultants would be happy to explain how this Microsoft program works.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Consulting Firm

Services offered by our SharePoint Consultants

  • SharePoint Migrations and Upgrades
  • Design and Custom Development
  • System Integration
  • Internet Facing Sites
  • Branding
  • Enterprise Search
  • Workflow
  • Excel Services
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Routine Day-to-Day Maintenance
  • Emergency Support

In 2007, SharePoint was expanded to a single platform for intranet, extranet and internet sites. SharePoint 2010 has been improved the experience for this range of sites spanning browsers, Microsoft Office and mobile devices. Learn more about SharePoint Sites from our SharePoint 2010 Consultants.


SharePoint 2010 is an expanded and enhanced set of collaboration and social networking tools for both organic and managed communities across your organization. Learn more about SharePoint Communities from our SharePoint 2010 Consultants.


SharePoint 2007 brought together document management, records management and web content management with a consistent user experience, architecture and platform. A common platform was built for metadata, security, workflow, etc. SharePoint 2010 adds scale and depth in these areas as well advancing the user experience. Learn more about SharePoint Content from our SharePoint 2010 Consultants.


While many users will be fine with the base SharePoint search capabilities, FAST Search for SharePoint will meet the most sophisticated search needs. FAST Search for SharePoint supersets the base SharePoint user experience, APIs and connectors. This is the first step, but a big one, and more consistency and enhancements will be added across tiers of search in the future. Learn more about SharePoint Enterprise Search from our SharePoint 2010 Consultants.


SharePoint's approach is to unlock data and enable collaboration on the analysis to help everyone in the organization get richer insights. Excel Services is one of the popular features of SharePoint 2007 as people like the ease of creating models in Excel and publishing them to server for broad access while maintaining central control and one version of the truth. SharePoint 2010 is expanding on this with new visualization, navigation and BI features. Learn more about SharePoint Insights from our SharePoint 2010 Consultants.


SharePoint 2007 made it easier for everyone – users, IT, partners, etc. – to build custom solutions on SharePoint that automate processes and connect disparate information. Some of the scenarios are more IT driven. Analysts often call them “Composite Applications”. Others are more end user centric or “Mash-Ups”. Learn more about SharePoint Composites from our SharePoint 2010 Consultants.


This new SharePoint 2010 feature makes it easier for your users to management. Running SharePoint Online with SharePoint 2007 targets for higher scale informed the design of SharePoint 2010. You have the choice of Server, Online or a mix. Even if you run SharePoint yourself, you benefit from SharePoint's design and experience with Online.


Composites enable building solutions with much less code than possible before. A number of lower level development features have been added as well for hard core developers.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Consultants You Can Trust

Call our SharePoint 2010 Consulting Team today at 866-844-5055 for a free demo and let's talk about how we can help your organization with your SharePoint project.

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