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Our SharePoint Consultants Leverage Composites

Let our SharePoint 2010 Experts help empower your business users.  Your SharePoint users can now rapidly respond to a broad array of business needs with collaborative solutions of their own, without code, both on-premises or in the cloud, through a rich set of building blocks, tools, and self-service capabilities, while providing IT professionals with manageability and operational insights to ensure a stable platform and control over end-user solutions.

MS SharePoint 2010 Composites Consultants

SharePoint Designer

A revamped SharePoint Designer focus on the building blocks of a SharePoint solution vs. HTML source code. The user experience gets easier including the Office Ribbon and new tools for building workflows and connecting to external data. We have made SharePoint Designer customizations safe out-of-box in 2010 so IT can let users customize sites without risk. SharePoint Designer is also a great tool for mashing-up SharePoint (which now exposes REST) and external data.

InfoPath Forms Service

Our InfoPath Consultants have leveraged Infopath automation for our business clients.  Infopath is the best way to have a common form definition render in the browser as well as in a rich and offline client. For 2010, the design environment was improved to make it easier to build rich forms declaratively with little to no code and more client-side validation. It is now straightforward to use InfoPath forms as native SharePoint forms both on the web and when offline from within the SharePoint Workspace client.

Access Services

Users have long loved the ability to create database applications quickly with forms and views. Access Services lets you publish new Access solutions to a SharePoint site where they can be managed centrally and accessed (necessary pun) from a web browser.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Composites Experts

Sandbox Solutions

In SharePoint 2007, custom code requires the farm administrator to trust the code running on the server. In SharePoint 2010 there is a new SharePoint custom code sandbox with isolation and resource limitations (memory, SQL, CPU) that allows administrators to let others safely add and consume custom solutions without impacting overall farm performance and stability. While it does not cover the full SharePoint object model it addresses key scenarios like custom web parts and event receivers.

Business Connectivity Services

There is a expanded read-only Business Data Catalog from SharePoint 2007 to support create, read, update, delete, search and offline access to line-of-business (LOB) data. This data, such as a customer record from a database, web services, etc. is called an External List in SharePoint 2010 and it is mapped to an External Content Type so this data looks and behaves like native SharePoint lists. You can not only update this data from within SharePoint but can take it offline from SharePoint Workspace and, where it makes sense like contacts, in Outlook with offline editing. There is great support for BCS in SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio 2010.

About SharePoint Consultants from MMC

PPC Professional Services (PPC), a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, provides a myriad of SharePoint Consulting Services through a higly-skilled team of Microsot Certified Consultants. with years of experience installing and supporting countless SharePoint Solutions nationwide. Call us today at 866-844-5055 and let's talk about how our Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Composites Experts can help you in your next SharePoint project.

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