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SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search Consulting

PPC's SharePoint Consultants can leverage our expertise in SharePoint Search to enable your organization to find people and information anywhere.  As part of the SharePoint 2010 release, SharePoint Search can help the members of your organization find the content, information, and people they need by combining an integrated, easy-to-manage platform with best-of-breed enterprise search technology. Now more than ever, all your employees, from sales associates to developers, can do more with search to get their jobs done. 

Interactive Search Experience

Experience a richer search experience with flexible navigation, refinement and related searches. Both Standard and FAST Search for SharePoint get query completion, spell checking, wild cards and more. FAST enhances this experience enabling feature content for common queries and providing more flexible navigation and document thumbnails and previews including in slide navigation of PowerPoint presentations which is a common end user scenario.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Search Consulting Firm


Out-of-box ranking was improved and the relevance factors were expanded including social data such as tagging and usage (clicks). FAST Search adds more configurable set of relevance inputs for custom applications and specialized corpuses.

People Search

Greatl improvements on people finding based on social networking and expertise algorithms and tailored user experience for people including getting views of authored content. As users frequently do not know or recall the spelling of people‚Äôs names, a new phonetic search algorithm wsa built that works much better than previous approaches to spell checking for names.


Lots of data lives outside SharePoint so connector were expanded and improved to index web sites, file servers, SharePoint, Exchange, Lotus Notes, Documentum and FileNet. The updated Business Connectivity Services (previously the BDC) described below makes it much easier to index an arbitrary source such as a custom database. You can create this search connection without code using the new SharePoint Designer.

Scale and Platform Flexibility

Significant performance and scalability improvements were made through search technology. Optimizing for 64-bit helped but also partitioned indices and scale-out query servers were introduced in SharePoint search this release. 

SharePoint Fast Search
FAST scales-out even further and has significantly more pipeline extensibility to handle the largest collections and most complex value-added processing and search applications. Both end users and IT staff will be immediately excited about the new capabilities supporting hundreds of millions of documents with great index freshness and query latency.  We can help with Fast Search Monitoring, Fast Search Planning, and Fast Search Index Schema Design.

New SharePoint 2010 Search Features

  • People and expertise search 
  • Search from Windows 7 and Windows Mobile
  • Common connector framework for indexing and federation
  • Scale and performance via improved topology architecture
  • Ability to build search-powered applications
  • Refinement panel and sorting
  • Search in context
  • Social behavior improves relevance
  • Thumbnails, previews, and view in browser
  • Advanced content processing with strong linguistics

SharePoint 2010 Entreprise Search Consultants from PPC Professional Services

Leverage our SharePoint Enterprise Search expertise to maximize your SharePoint investment. Our SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search Consultants are Microsoft Certified Professionals with vast experience in installing, managing and supporting Microsoft SharePoint Servers nationwide. PPC is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and as such, we gain access to exclusive SharePoint training, information and support from Microsoft. Call us now at 866-844-5055.  Our SharePoint Search Consultants are ready to answer your questions.


Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search Specialists

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