Managed IT Services - Fixed Fee Outsourced IT

A proactive preventative approach to keeping your systems up

Our Managed Services focus is to keep your systems operational and available so that you can focus your efforts on the demands of growing your business, managing costs and increasing revenues. With our Managed IT Services, we provide your business with our highest level of support consisting of a flat fee annual support agreement. The plans below offer complete maintenance and Network Monitoring of your existing IT infrastructure and technical support for all of your staff.  We optionally offer project hours for improvements to the IT infrastructure.  Our most comprehensive plan includes Virtual CIO services.

Why is Outsourced IT More Cost Effective?
With a long-term, flat-fee structure we are no longer concerned about time because we are motivated to make your environment as stable as possible over the long-term. Second, it offers a very predictable cost structure.  Finally, there is a built-in IT strategy element which ensures you are getting the most out of your IT dollars.

In today's economic climate, companies are focusing on the inefficiency of their small in-house IT departments, which are usually under-utilized and poorly managed. We have the expertise and cutting edge tools to manage your IT department professionally and at a lower cost so that you can focus on your business. With IT outsourcing, you get better support, lower IT costs, improved reliability, and more productivity from your employees.

  • Feature
  • Cloud Support Plan1
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Platinum
Uptime Tracking
Disk Space
CPU Utilization
Memory Utilization
Service Monitoring
Access to Monitoring Console
Email Alerts
Backup Job Monitoring
Anti-Virus Monitoring
Windows Update Monitoring
Custom Monitor Sets
Business Hours Email Support
After Hours Email Support
Pay Per Support Incident
Included Free Support Incidents per Month
2 Per Server
2 Per User
2 Per User
Chat Support
Account and Billing Support
Pre-Sales Support
Severity 1 Phone Response
4 hours
1 hour
45 min
30 min
Severity 2 Phone Response
24 hours
24 hours
8 hours
Dedicated Account Manager
Anti-Virus Software
Backup Monitoring
Malware & Virus Clean Up
Email Administration
Active Directory Administration
Patch Management
Automated Windows Patching
Custom Post-Patching Verification Services
Onsite Services
Web Ticket Submission
Specialty Services
Priority Handling
Vendor Management
Firewall Management
PBX Management
VPN Administration & Support
Hardware & Software Procurement
Hardware & Software Inventory Management
Monthly Executive Summary Reports
Professional Services (Time and Materials)
Standard Time & Materials Rate  $180/hr 
1Requires the use of one of Pay Per Cloud's hosting services.
= Included
= Available as an add on
T&M = Available at Time & Materials Rate
N/A = Not Available on this plan

  • PBX Administration requires PBX Server and Phone Devices covered by MSP
  • Service 21 requires all devices for site be covered by MSP Pricing
  • Based on annual commitment
Prepayment Discounts and Additional Volume Discounts Available

Server Monitoring Includes:
This total care package features a 24/7 monitoring, analysis and escalation service based on alerts and early warning data received from our software.

  • Server Monitoring
    Typically we will receive from nine to twenty alerts per day, per server.  We respond to them all, 24x7.
  • Monitoring of Network Devices
    We provide monitoring via SNMP for all network and hardware devices such as switches, routers, UPSs.
  • Backup Management
    Monitoring and managing backups, especially tape backups, are highly time-consuming tasks. Our monitoring system has an extensive module dedicated to reporting and monitoring backups from applications like VERITAS and BackupEXEC. Functions such as tracking failed and completed jobs, completing backups and producing reports on restorations are all included.  We also offer online backup
  • Asset/Inventory Management
    Our system contains a detailed inventory management module that automatically scans a network and develops a comprehensive inventory of desktops and servers along with hardware and installed software. IT asset audits, license compliance and upgrades, are made easier with these reports. This module also features change tracking, hardware and software, between multiple asset scans that makes trouble-shooting simple.
  • Patch Management
    Our system has a built-in engine to scan networks for missing security patches which can then be automatically downloaded, packaged according to each machine’s configuration and delivered. As part of the patch management process, we have a security team in place that provides a whitelist/blacklist service for all Microsoft patches and updates.
  • Malware/Spyware/AntiVirus Protection and Removal
    Our system comes bundled with a comprehensive engine that runs seamlessly and automatically in the background daily to protect desktops against malware, spyware and worms.  If a machine is compromised, we will remediate.

Workstation Managment Includes:
This preventive maintenance service for PC and Macintoshes proactively and regimentally maintains the most troublesome areas of desktop management. Virus problems, spyware issues and patching are handled as an unobtrusive, background service. This include:
  • Anti-Virus Management
  • Spyware Management
  • Temporary File/Internet Debris Removal
  • Patch Management
  • Asset-Tracking - hardware and software

Other Optional Services:
  • Annual IT Disaster Recovery Plan updates
  • Annual IT budgeting and project planning assistance 
When a problem does occur, our outsourced IT staff are available 24x7 to help, our technology lets us remotely shadow your employee’s issues on their request so that we can quickly see, identify and resolve the problem. If we are unable to solve the issue remotely we can arrive on-site (for customers in our coverage area) and stay until the problem is fully resolved.

Our technicians are highly trained and certified, typically in multiple technologies, and they are especially talented at working with people who would rather remain non-technical.

Call to learn exactly how much IT Outsourcing would make your business more efficient, and which managed services options would be appropriate for you.
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