Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration Consultants

Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration Consultants

Migrating from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange requires expertise on both platforms. Our staff have ample experience in successful migrations from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration. We offer peace-of-mind in the migration of critical business data and email to Exchange Server.

Notes to Exchange Migration Consultants
Notes to Exchange Migration Consultants
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Numerous companies are migrating from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Server for a variety of reasons: a rich set of Microsoft solutions, the value proposition from the Microsoft Platform, and a wide pool of staff trained on Microsoft technologies. Migrations have to be thoroughly planned and effectively executed so as not to risk loss of data, aborted migrations, or excessive downtime. 

As part of our Exchange Server Consulting team, PPC Professional Services Exchange consultants will adhere to Exchange Server Best Practices and they have successfully completed numerous Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange migrations.

We have the experience to know when and how to use the Microsoft Notes Connector, and just as importantly, when and how not to.  Migrating your messaging system from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange requires the following steps:

  • Collection of Requirements
  • Lotus Notes Migration  Planning
  • Pilot Project
  • Project Execution
  • Testing
  • Going Live
  • Exchange administration after migration

Notes to Exchange Migration Consultants

Collection of Requirements
First of all, the organization needs to define the requirements for the new Microsoft Exchange environment. Our Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration Specialists will help to find out if the current messaging solution is effectively meeting the organization’s needs. If it’s not the case, further infrastructure will have to be added for the new messaging tool.

Lotus Notes Migration Planning
After determine and authorizing the requirements, PPC's Exchange Server Migration Experts will put together a plan with all the mandatory steps and time to meet the requirements. The plan will include a timeline, dependencies, events and resources needed to successfully work the plan. 

Pilot Project
Running a pilot project will allow you to anticipate issues in the migration process.  Our Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange consultants will this by migrating some items from Notes, such as mailboxes and calendars, to the new Exchange Server environment. In this small migration project, PPC Exchange consultants will be able to find out inconsistencies that may arise during the actual migration.

Project Execution
Our Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange team will perform the process in two parts: mail and collaboration services. These parts will require a separate plan for the migration. Our Exchange Migration Professionals will make sure your Lotus Notes items are effectively  moved, including: email messages, attached files, address books and calendars.

Application Content and Design Migration
Our Notes to Exchange Migration specialists will keep the current structure of content and relationships on the target Exchange messaging system. They will also identify and move Notes content items such as Notes data, rich text, images, file attachments, OLE objects, document links, and access control lists.

Exchange Administration after Migration
After successfully migrated the messaging system, emails, calendars, collaboration and content need to be administered for performance and reliability.  Your IT team members probably will find admin tasks (archiving, repairing and user management) time-consuming and difficult. Note that even IT staff with long experience in Microsoft solutions will also feel the same, so it’s important to employ tools with automated management and controls. Our Exchange Migration consultants will help you to implement automated management an controls to easily transition from the previous messaging system.

PPC Exchange Server Migration Experts: Consultants you can count on
When you choose our team for manage your migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange, we will work closely with your staff  with clear communication during the entire migration process. We will plan the process from the very beginning and review this with you so you can be sure the migration process will be a success. Feel free to contact us so we can talk about how we can help with your migration process.

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