HIPAA Compliance

Many health providers and health plans are still not compliant with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, and time is running out. If you're not in compliance, PPC Professional Services. can help.
Part of the act is designed to improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery by requiring providers and health plans to implement a standardized electronic data interchange solution. With such a solution, patients would have greater access to their medical records and control over how that information is used; however, the act also requires providers and health plans to implement a security solution of setting and enforcing standards to safeguard health information.
Miles Consulting can assist you in putting a solution in place that covers both requirements. We have many years of experience with compliance issues and technology for business solutions to meet compliance.  We're aligned with the new HIPAA, HITECH regulations. We are application agnostic and can work with all of the major EHR/EMR platforms. Our Information Security Team can be engaged to ensure full compliance with health data regulations (Hipaa, Hitech, FDA,etc). 
We'll begin by assessing your environment and then recommending and implementing, with your approval, a targeted, long-term solution of best practices and technology that takes into account your individual challenges and needs. We can also provide training to help you maximize your compliance investment.

HIPAA Related Services

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