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Who are you?
Are you a consulting, contracting, or recruiting firm?
Can you work at my location?
Do you charge by the hour, or bid for entire projects?
Do you bill for your time spent in meetings, phone calls, or writing emails?
How do you calculate your billable time?
Do you charge for travel time or expenses?
Do you charge for your computers, software licenses, or other equipment?
Who are your clients?
Can I contact any of your clients?
Do you require a signed contract?
Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?
Who owns the software that you write for me?
How do I pay for your services?
Can I make “payments” for your services?
What is the minimum project size that you will accept?
What kinds of software do you develop?
What operating systems and platforms do you specialize in?
What development tools and programming languages do you use?
What do you mean by “Quality, value, and integrity”?
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