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As an leading Biztalk Consulting firm, we have the expertise in .NET and Biztalk Server to help your company achieve its maximum benefit.  BizTalk Server provides the tools and infrastructure companies require to exchange business documents among various platforms and operating systems, regardless of the application being used to process the documents.

Using BizTalk Server, our clients can easily exchange documents between applications within their own organization.

Our BizTalk consultants help our clients to achieve a standard gateway for sending and receiving documents via the Internet. We have the expertise to help your firm take advantage of BizTalk-compatible messages and compliant schemas to conduct business online effectively and efficiently.

BizTalk Main Modules and Features

Biztalk Experts


Schema is an XML Schema Definition language (XSD)-based description of the structure of one or more BizTalk Server instance messages.

Biztalk Consulting Service Offerings:

  • Flat File Schemas
    - Positional Schemas
    - Fixed Length Schemas
  • XML Schemas
  • Multipart Schemas
  • Envelope Schemas


Maps is an Extensible Style sheet Language Transformations (XSLT)-based transformation used to convert instance messages that conform to one BizTalk Server schema into instance messages that conform to another BizTalk Server schema.

Biztalk Consulting Service Offerings:

  • Creating Maps
  • Configuring Basic Functiods
  • Configuring Advanced Functiods
  • Writing Inline Code
  • Calling Custom Assembles


A BizTalk artifact representing an arbitrary portion of a business process, and compiled into a .NET assembly containing logic for processing BizTalk messaging interchanges. An orchestration instance is also referred to as a BizTalk service that subscribes to messages. The underlying technology is based upon Microsoft's proprietary XLANG/s specification, which is partly based on SOAP, WSDL, WSFL, and BPEL specifications.

Biztalk Consulting Service Offerings:

  • Using BizTalk Orchestration Designer for Creating Orchestration
  • Building Orchestrations
  • Managing Orchestrations
  • Orchestration Shapes
  • Orchestration Scopes
  • Creating Multipart Messages
  • Manipulating Messages using XPath
  • Message Convoys
  • Calling Custom Assembles from Orchestration
  • Calling Pipeline from Orchestration
  • Publishing Orchestrations as web service
  • Calling web services in orchestrations

Health Activity Monitoring (HAT)

A user interface that enables specified data to be tracked. This UI can be used to monitor the health of the BizTalk server farm and to track and view specific events and messages.

Biztalk Consulting Service Offerings:

  • Using Built-In queries to monitor ports, pipelines, messages and orchestrations
  • Attaching and debugging orchestrations
  • Writing custom queries for monitoring purposes


A software infrastructure that defines and links one or more processing stages, running them in prescribed order to complete a specific task. Pipelines divide processing into stages, abstractions that describe a category of work. They also determine the sequence in which each category of work is performed.

Biztalk Consulting Service Offerings:

  • Using built in pipelines
  • Creating custom pipelines
  • Creating pipeline components
    - Encoder Component
    - Decoder Component
    - Custom Flat File Assembler
  • Component
    - Custom Flat File Disassemble
  • Component


A .NET-based component that provides transport protocol or application connectivity operations for receiving and sending messages to or from BizTalk Server. The BizTalk Adapter Framework offers a stable, open interface for all adapters to work with the BizTalk Messaging Engine.

Biztalk Consulting Service Offerings:

  • Using Built In Adapters
    - File
    - FTP
    - SQL
  • Using Line Of Business Adapters
    - Oracle Adapter
  • Using Third Party Adapter
    - Scheduler Adapter

Business Rule Engine (BRE)

A run-time inference engine that evaluates rules against facts and initiates actions based on the results of that evaluation.

Biztalk Consulting Service Offerings:

  • Creating and Publishing Vocabularies
    - Using XML Source
    - Using Database Source
    - Using XML Schema
    - Using Message from Orchestration
  • Creating and Publishing Policies
  • Calling Policies and Rules from Orchestration
  • Publishing and deploy business rules

Business Process

A set of one or more linked procedures or activities which collectively realize a business objective or policy goal, normally within the context.

Biztalk Consulting Service Offerings:

  • Creating Business Flows
  • Creating messaging only scenarios
  • Creating and configure long-running and atomic transactions

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

A BizTalk Server feature that gives business users a real-time view of their heterogeneous business processes, enabling them to make important business decisions.

Biztalk Consulting Service Offerings:

  • Configuring BizTalk to enable Business Activity Monitoring


BizTalk Server Administration Console is used to automate administrative tasks in an enterprise environment.

Biztalk Consulting Service Offerings:

  • Installing and Configuring BizTalk Server Hosting Environment
  • Managing Applications in Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 Management Console
  • Monitoring Message Activity and Debugging Orchestrations
  • Backing up and Restoring BizTalk Server


BizTalk Server deployment includes all items which are required to launch a BizTalk solution. One can deploy using MSI or Script files

Biztalk Consulting Service Offerings:

  • Deploy an assembly by using Visual Studio and view deployed assemblies by using the Assembly viewer
  • Deploy an application as a Microsoft Installer (MSI) package
  • Create and import binding files
  • Adding custom resources for BizTalk Application
  • Creating Pre and post installation scripts


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