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Website Maintenance Process
Summary: How does our website maintenance team work? Read more about our customer care process...

Key Points
Placing a Service Request
Call priority definitions

Once a service request is directed to our Customer Care team, they are logged in according to the call priority that you set.

The process that a service ticket follows is described below:

Placing a Service Request
Service Requests are can be provided by you via telephone, web site live chat, or email.

Once the Service Request is sent to us, a member of the Website Maintenance and technical support team will:

  • Acknowledge the Service Request
  • Log the problem including the call priority.
  • Identify the most effective solution OR pass the Service Request to the appropriate specialist technical support.
  • Report to the customer about a brief summary of the solution to the problem and time required to resolve the problem.
  • Monitor the Service Request until it is resolved

Call priority definitions
There are 2 priority levels: Standard and Emergency. While we commit to work on each ticket within one business day, we strive to achieve that within 4 hours. You will be asked to indicate the Service Request Priority while placing a request, indicating the level of impact on the application and on users.

Depending on the proposed support requirement, the customer would need to project a fixed number of hours that would be used every month. Based on this projection, we suggest a monthly fee for support and maintenance. If there are hours that are not used up in a particular month, those hours rollover to subsequent months.

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