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Slow websites have significant impact on your buttom line as impatient customers stop shopping, users migrate to the cometition, and employe productivity plummets. PPC Professional Services has extensive expertise with IIS, ASP.NET, and SQL Server to make dramatic increases in speed. Often the biggest incresases come at little cost or effort, but just require the experience that we have attained. In the process, we can also drive down your datacenter costs by driving down server, bandwidth, and power usage. In the event you need one more reason, it is SEO.

Yes, Search Engine Optimization is improved as all major search engines will steer more traffic to those sites that give users a better experience and can handle the traffic delivered by the search engines.

Typical issues with webpage load times are:

  • Too many roundtrips
    When browsers have to download every resource (JavaScript, CSS, images, etc) in a webpage, they require many network roundtrips to the server.
  • Too much data transferred (payload)
    A web page renders properly only after all its associated data has been downloaded. When bandwidth is limited, download times suffer and page performance decreases.
  • Inefficient repeat views and flows through web applications
    Successful web applications attract repeat users who visit favorite webpages or navigate consistently through a series of webpages. However, most websites do not take advantage of this behavior.
  • Pages don’t use the browser’s rendering capabilities to full potential
    The order in which a browser loads resources into a webpage is critical to the speed at which a page starts to render and become fully visible to the user.
  • Data update and retrieval inefficiencies
    Ineffiencient queries, indexing, and many other SQL Server Performance Tuning strategies can redicaly enhance performance
  • Servers working too hard
    Before you throw more hardware as a bandaid, allow us to look at your IIS App Pool settings, use of Session State, and server side-caching techniques.
  • ASP.NET View State
    Do a "View Source" on your pages and see how large your payload is for View State.

Let web site speed be your competetive advantage and allow PPC Professional Services to achieve this for you... quickly!

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